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Our idea is to introduce a new way of engagement with the club, allowing fans to participate directly in making key decisions via live feedback and polls. Moreover, we are keen to providing ice hockey fans with a more entertaining way of supporting the club with digital hockey gaming based on real time statistics from actual tournaments.

Our offer

🏒Game Hub: Stay updated with real-time scores, stats, and upcoming games.
👥Fan Area: Vote and give feedback to your team. Never miss any news and updates from your favorite club.
🪙Loyalty Points: Engage, participate, and get rewarded. From results predictions to game attendance and special tasks, earn points every step of the way.
🛍️Fan Shop: Redeem your loyalty points for exclusive club experiences and various partner offers.
💸Revenue share: We share a part of revenue with clubs. By getting a subscription you support your favorite team.


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With Swiss Digital Hockey, fans will be able to take real actions and support their team in a better way

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What is the Fan Area and how does it work?
The Fan Area is a dedicated space for fans to stay connected with their club. You can receive the latest news, view upcoming events, vote on club-related decisions, and provide feedback on the team's performance. Think of it as your personal hub to engage deeply with your club.
How do I participate in Digital Hockey?
With Digital Hockey, you can predict the outcome of a game. To participate, simply select the upcoming match, make your prediction, and if you're correct, you'll be rewarded with loyalty points!
How does the Game Attendance feature work?
When you attend a team's game, just press “I’m at the arena” button located in game hub once you arrive at the arena. Upon confirmation, you'll automatically earn loyalty points for showing your support in person!
Can I talk to my favourite players through the Chat Room?
Absolutely! Our Chat Room allows users to interact directly with players and team management. It’s a fantastic way to engage, share your thoughts, and potentially get responses from your club.
What's the difference between the Superfan and Superfan+ subscriptions?
Both Superfan and Superfan+ subscriptions offer access to exclusive content. However, Superfan+ takes your experience to the next level, unlocking additional premium features, such as the chat room. Details on these features can be found on subscription page.
What can I receive with my loyalty points?
Loyalty points can be redeemed in our Fan Shop for exclusive club experiences and a range of partner offers. The exact items and offers may vary, so be sure to check the Fan Shop regularly for the latest deals!
I'm facing issues with the app.
We're sorry to hear that! Please head to the 'Help Center', located in your profile settings for assistance.